About Rafiki

Extreme poverty, the AIDS epidemic and social injustices have left deep, penetrating scars on the continent of Africa and her people. More than 3 million children living in Tanzania, East Africa have been left without homes or parents. Through no fault of their own, these young souls have endured devastating injustices we cannot even pretend to imagine.

But there is hope lots of it. Through the support of compassionate people, funds have been raised to provide 35 orphaned children in the Simanjiro District with shelter, food, education and opportunities for the future.

Before the Rafiki project began, the children 17 girls aged 4 - 16 years were sleeping on a hard, cold dirt floor in a 9 x 9 room. 18 boys were in a similar space. There were no beds, blankets or pillows. There were no toys or school supplies and food was scarce.

The building is now finished. A well that provides safe water has been dug and equipped to supply the facility with safe water for drinking and sanitary needs. Medical attention has been provided.

We want to ensure that the children are fed so that they have energy to grow, fight illness, learn and thrive. This is what Ride for Rafiki is all about -- nourishing the lives of the Rafiki children. To learn more, please read the latest Rafiki newsletter.

Thank you for your interest in the Ride for Rafiki.

If you would like more information about the Ride, the Penalta Group FORE! Rafiki Golf Tournament (September), Rafiki Orphan Home Care, or Strategies for LIFE please contact Catherine Mulvale at 905 827 9633 or send an email to Catherine.
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