Rider Frequently Asked Questions as you prepare for our ride in 2012

Q: What exactly is a Rafiki Rider?
A: A compassionate individual who recognizes that some of the poorest children in the world need our help and is willing to give up one hour of their time.

Q: How much do you need a Rafiki Rider to raise?
A: There is no minimum requirement to be a Rafiki Rider but we encourage everyone to raise $100 (or more!) for every hour your ride. When you remember that every dollar you raise goes directly to support the needs of an orphaned child, you’ll find the fundraising comes easily.

If you can ask 10 friends (or more!) to support you with $10 pledges (or more!), you’ll be well on your way. And remember, we’re here to help. If you need support with your fundraising, call Catherine. She’ll help you reach your goal – and beyond.

Q: Can I ride longer than one hour?
A: Yes! Whether you are riding for one hour or all six, we’ll have great rewards for your efforts -- not the least of which will be the knowledge that you are changing a child’s life ....forever. Again, we ask you to remember that our goal is to raise at least $100 for every bike for every hour of the event.

Q: What exactly are we raising money for?
A: To support the nutritional needs of 35 children at Rafiki Orphan Care Home and 15 healthy but HIV + children with special needs at St. Lucia Home. A physician from the US has visited the children of Rafiki several times over the past five years and says  that the improvement in the health of the children once they began receiving regular nutritious meals is nothing short of incredible.

Q: How much is the registration fee to be a Rafiki Rider?
A: Registration is $25 per individual. If you raise $150 or more, the registration fee is waived. You will receive a Rafiki t-shirt, water, food, the chance to win prizes and a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that is difficult describe.

Q: What or who is Strategies for LIFE?
A: SFL is a federally incorporated not for profit organization founded by Catherine and Tom Mulvale in 1999. It is run entirely by volunteers and the Mulvales cover all administrative expenses. The fundraising activities of the organization from 2007 - 2010 were focused on Rafiki. SFL built the orphanage and has supported the educational and nutritional needs of the 38 Rafiki children. The organization also funded three major income-generating opportunities to ensure eventual self-sustainability. In 2011, SFL expanded its reach to St. Lucia, its 15 HIV + positive orphans and a mobile health program for rural communities. 100% of the funds raised by Strategies for LIFE for Rafiki go directly to the orphanage.

Q: Will my sponsors get a tax receipt?
A: Although we are in the process of applying for charitable status, as of right now, Strategies for LIFE is a federally registered not for profit (and has been since 1999) but is not a charity capable of issuing tax receipts. Strategies for LIFE is run entirely by volunteers. There are no administrative expenses which means 100% of contributions go directly to the cause. We believe that no child should feel alone nor without hope – especially when we have so much to give. Although we can't offer a tax write off (yet), we can offer the absolute assurance that every penny contributed goes directly to the orphaned children of Rafiki. We welcome the support of anyone who wants to help them.

Asante sana – thank you very much.