Your Initial Team Leaders for 2012's Event

Adam Scott Kulchyski

Name: Adam Scott Kulchyski

Years Teaching: 12 Spin / 30+ Cycling/Racing

Bio: Adam would like to express his gratitude to all the riders that will be particpating this year, both for the first time and those of you whom are returning for the second, third or possibly fourth time.

Adam has had the honour of leading the groups since the inception of the event and looks forward to keeping it exciting again this year.

Being involved in cycling for over 30 years, he knows that it takes more than just two legs to make the wheels go around. It takes the support of many around him, either through inspiration, motivation or just a plain kick in the butt.

Adam is taking that understanding and channeling it to the children of Rafiki. They need our help now and he calls on you to join him and fellow instructors on April 15th, 2012 for a day of fun while in turn helping others who need our inspiration.

Catherine Mulvale

Name: Catherine Mulvale

Bio: Catherine Mulvale is the passion behind Strategies for LIFE and the Rafiki Orphan Care Home program. She believes that no child should live without protection and hope – especially when we have so much to give.

In 2006 Catherine befriended a young Ugandan boy who humbly asked, "will you save my life?" That child and question changed her life. On reflection, Catherine hoped that if her children ever had to ask a stranger the same question, someone would embrace them with compassionate, practical support.

She describes the Rafiki children as warm, loving youngsters thrust into a world that abandoned them. She says they are beautiful and resilient, full of potential and just beginning to rediscover who they are and who they can become. Catherine thanks everyone who supports the needs of these remarkable children.